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Tia Monique

Coach Tia Monique is a wife, mother of six, and an ordained minister. She is also an award winning, International bestselling author, and founder/CEO of Let It Out Academy, an all inclusive writing and self publishing company.


She has created new bestselling authors, assisting them with manuscript development, marketing, and self publishing. Her clients include people from all over the United States including Gospel artist Byron Cage and Judge Mablean Ephraim.


In 2020, Tia’s success and business came to an abrupt halt as she was required to undergo emergency surgery to remove necrotizing fasciitis. There, she discovered that she had tested positive for Covid-19, bringing in more challenges. Her body shut down, forcing her into a cycle of uncertainties with her life hanging by a thread.


She was determined to fight back and rebuild her life and her business. Even now, she has no use of her right hand and drop wrist on her left where she can only use her index finger to work. 


“I am a poster child displaying triumph, encouraging others not to give up. If I can make it despite many limitations, they can make it too!” she proudly proclaims, “God had a plan for me because He kept me here while others died all around me. A part of His plan is for me to help others live and win.”


Since making her return, Coach Tia Monique has been featured in publications on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, Keynote Magazine, and many other regional media outlets. She was a featured speaker in a leadership speaking tour sponsored by Forbes, with world renowned speaker, Shawn Fair, and has founded The ProspHERing Women Alliance™️ and The Big Business Shower™️, where she’s coaching women to be healed in their emotions, and to follow their dreams to become successful in their thinking, and in their living.


Tia was also invited to join the Exposure Plus TV family and casted to host her own show, Live Life & ProspHER™️ With Coach Tia Monique! It airs every Monday. Exposure Plus TV is an app that streams on all smart devices, partnered with HBO, airing in 440 million homes and 128 countries. Connecting with the founder and creator of Exposure Plus TV, Tam Lawrence. Tia is also a new episodic series co-producer, giving coaches in any niche the opportunity to share their expertise to a broader audience. 


Tia is now available to travel and take the stage to coach, speak and motivate others, inspiring them to fight to win despite their obstacles. She believes that if you’re free from all that’s hindering you, you will be free to succeed! When you hear her speak, you’ll surely hear her exclaim, “Be free to be free!™️”


Connect with Coach Tia today!
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